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Yuugiou Fans agaist Senseless Character Rape&Abuse's Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Yuugiou Fans agaist Senseless Character Rape&Abuse's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
3:26 pm
Hi... I'm new, so just yell if I step out of line.

And I bring crappy fics! (I never understand why people link the crappy stuff, but I'm guessing it's along the lines of "If you ever find yourself on this page, the back button's there for a reason.") I'll try to avoid flaming as much as possible, but I'm new at critisizing as well, so it'll probably be horrifically insulting anyway.

The Story: Memories and Battle Scars is one of those fics that make me ashamed to say I read. In disgust, admittedly, but I read it. It is a long - VERY long - fic, involving much OOCness and yaoi (which I can live with if the fic's good), along with "Kaiba was whored out by his adopted daddy while he was a kiddie and started to enjoy it, and therefore developed a split personality which has an obsession with the bastard who molested him as a child." And however many years on, Joey and Kaiba "fall in love" causing Kaiba to have a breakdown, move to New York with Joey, meet the child-molester again, and have his split personality arrange Joey's kidnapping so Kaiba and the child-molester can get together. And Kaiba can be steadily raped and slashed.

And did I mention to peadiphilic porn that gets splashed across the tabloids? No? :O However did I forget?

That's the basic premise of the story - or at least as much of it as I read. It's long, icky, and when it's not icky it's fluffy. It contains every cliché ever concocted in connection to rape, and has wildly OOC moments. The author uses Kaiba's split personality to get him to call Joey "Angel" and enjoy being molested.

And Mokie's going out with Duke. Uh... no.

I can't actually put my finger on what pisses me off about this story - apart from everything. It's only saving grace is that the rape is carried out by an OC instead of, say Joey - as in a fic by a normally stable author that I like and therefore won't drag through the mud. I read it a while ago, so I admit my memory could be painting an unfair picture, so I will leave it now before I start digging at rock bottom. Sorry for the long winded first post, but I'm a crappy fic writer; my lack of quality is out matched by my quantity.

No, I didn't take it up with the author. She posted a huge rant at the start of one chapter saying "My friend told me this sucked ass - " Good for him! Someone had to tell her. " - And it really bummed me out, almost enough to stop writing full stop, but I -" *author puts on "noble sufferer" expression " - I decided that I won't let one persons opinion sway me from writing this fic." (The italics was the gist of what she said. Once again, I could have and probably did get it wrong.)

Which just proves that there is no way to discourage bad fic-writers. I wonder if someone could make a "rape-fic rehab"...
Sunday, December 28th, 2003
12:22 pm
Not sure I should really be a member in this community, but ... yo~.

I'm a bad gramatically challenged authoress.

1) This is a common theme... The Dark side raping the Omote... but.. how does that work? Like... the same body... raping yourself? I suppose mind-rape... but... nobody ever mentions that. So.. yeah.

2) Opinions on Gozaburo as an evil evil bastard...or not. Its a plot device I can see using, Heck, I've used it (hence my bad bad fan fiction). Gozaburo can be nice, or abusive verbally/physically or even sexually. Canonwise I'd have to disagree with how its put in proportion, but how do YOU all feel about it as a plot device?


I'll go hide in a hole now.

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, September 25th, 2003
6:17 pm
Hmm, we run out of things to rant about already? ^_^ Surely there are more stories to scream about! I confess I haven't read much new stuff lately, myself, so maybe everyone's gotten busy, eh?

(poke, prod)

Just wanted to know if anyone's still alive in here! Hee hee!
Monday, September 1st, 2003
8:16 am
Ugh...my eyes...
My first time posting here, so...yeah...

Firstly, I wanna say, thank the Gods for this...finally somewhere we can rant where others who think like us will comfort each other... ^_^ Cause the more I look at these rape/absue fics....Gods are they painful... -I'm- gonna hafta go through therapy cause these fics are sucking my IQ right outta me....

I've seen quite a lot of "let's rape Bakura cause he's a sissy!" fics...and a few Malik rapes and one or two Jounouchi rape fics...and one bad Kaiba rape fic...But this is the first Anzu rape fic I've seen... http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1503072

It was just added into the just ins...and I was.....fortunate to come across it...lucky me... -_- I just can't bring myself to review it... It hurts my brain so much...

I mean, there is -so- much wrong with this... Yuugi -never- addresses Anzu with -san tacked onto her name...I seriously doubt Bakura would be bold enough to stop her from slapping Yuugi a second time...

Not counting the vandalizim of her -burning- her room (which leads one to believe her whole house burned down as a result), and the fact that the mystery guy raped her -then- molested her while she was unconcious...

I just don't wanna take the chance in reviewing her fic with constructive critcism and have her come back at me biznitching about me flamming her...

On the upside though...her spelling is good... But the grammer kinda, takes away from that...

Current Mood: disappointed
Thursday, August 28th, 2003
3:19 pm
A Different Bakura
I'd like to read about a Yami Bakura who is emphatically NOT abusive to his hikari - not totally caring, though, don't want to make him too OOC! He probably wouldn't be too clued into Ryou's feelings and perhaps negligent of him, but he'd be too involved with his agenda to get the Millennium Items to turn his frustrations on his own host. In fact, I'd love to read where he finds relief and even comfort from his frustrations - heh - with his hikari. That though he be a bastard to everyone else, Ryou is his haven...

Mmmmm... now THAT I'd love to read. Any recs? (I'd write it myself if I wasn't neck-deep in this NOVEL that I'm writing. Um, that would be "Coalescence" of course.)

Yami Czarina
Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
10:49 pm
Report: "Searching for You"
This story was posted to yugioh_slash this past week. Although the author, Yami Princess, has posted to ff.net before, this story has not been posted there, probably because of the content. (her profile is at: http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=220674)

Here's a synopsis for those of you not on yugioh_slash ML on Yahoogroups. Bakura wants to have sex with Ryou, who is shying away from him. And apparently has done something to Ryou in the past, but this isn't dealt with or explained. Bakura asks Ryou "who has done this to you?" and despite not getting much of an answer, proceeds to force himself on Ryou anyway amid screaming and pain from his hikari. (sigh) Of course, everything is sweetness and light the next morning and basically Bakura is teasing Ryou for his seeming reluctance. Yeah. Right.

IMO, this story embodies what this group is all about. The oblivious infliction of one character's sexual actions upon another in a rape which then turns around and everything is JUST FINE the next day... I couldn't believe this story. (shudder) Besides, it's not even original. I know we all have seen/read countless Bakura Rapes Ryou stories. It's beside the point that many of us believe Bakura would NEVER, but... It's deliberate drowning in a scenario that is totally fanon - the assumption that Bakura would be abusive physically to Ryou at all. (Negligence, perhaps, but not actively abusive, I don't believe. I can't see it.) Perhaps it's a natural leap in logic for some that if Bakura is emotionally abusive, he'd also abuse him physically. Well... I don't buy that, either.

Anyway, I think this is an example of what this group is about. I didn't personally write the author because I can't imagine that she can easily be made to understand how shallow her perception of the reality of rape is. I'm no psychologist or therapist. Did she get good reviews? Oh, of course... Ever been to adultfanfiction.net? See all the stories rated 5? See how many stories are not? The rating is useless. (Too bad, it's a great archive.)

As a co-owner of yugioh_slash, I frankly have to tread a careful line between pissing people off and doing what needs to be done to keep the list fair and as healthy as possible. I HAVE had authors "take their crayons and go home" (they of course announce to the list that they're going to do that) because people didn't blow sweetness up their ass like they do on ff.net and aff.net. I *do* try to offer positive comments when I also have something more critical to say, but in the case of this story... (sigh)

Well, there's a report for you. Sorry if you missed this 'cause you're not on that list. Really... you weren't missing anything.
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